Kitten Tutorial

  1. To make this graphic look really pop, start with matte foundation and a little concealer around the eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Start by patting the lightest shade in the Study in Mauve Trio onto the inner corners of the lid and blending out toward the center.
  3. Pat the mid toned shade of study in mauve onto the outer corner of the lid and blend toward center to create a beautiful ombre effect.
  4. Swipe Snow white across the brow bone with the #35 brush
  5. Using the #34 brush and the darkest shade in the Mauve Trio, blend out from the crease, swiping back and forth to create soft definition.
  6. To create the perfect cat eye flick use the #29 brush to draw onyx liner slowly along the top lash line, when you reach the outer corner angle slightly up and bring to a fine point, being careful not to go past the outer edge of the brow. Then turn your brush around to draw the top of the flick back toward your lash line, now that you’ve got the lines drawn, just color in!
  7. Use the Inline Outline Pro Lining Pencil to highlight your lower waterline and make your eyes pop, then use Flashlight to trace down the nose and over the arches of the brows and blend,
  8. Swipe True nude lipstick on the lower lip only.
  9. Using Eye Definer Pencil in Black, trace slightly outside your brows and fill in for a sleek graphic look.
  10. Now for the signature cat nose! Start by tracing the outer edges of the top lip, then fill in completely, use the #42 lip brush to blend.
  11. Trace the bottom edge of your nose and fill in completely, then connect your nose and upper lip by tracing the outer edge of your cupid’s bow up to the inner corners of your nostrils and fill in. The #42 brush comes in handy here to blend the fill color.
  12. Add a little blush in glowing to just under the apples of the cheeks and up to the tops of the ears with brush #15 to highlight cheekbones.
  13. Dot some whiskers on with your black pencil.
  14. Finish with a couple of coats of Lash Primer and Pro TLS Mascara!

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